Backup Solutions

Why not just provide customers the best backup solution available today? – We do.
Backup solutions come in various types and sizes depending entirely on the requirements – all have one definite requirement; the ability to restore the files whenever needed, wherever you may be. We have chosen the Asigra platform as it is the best solution that has no agents and no fuss.
Whether you require a simple backup to a network device, server or a more complex solution with sensitive devices; all will require backups that are held offsite for ease of access or Disaster Recovery. Our chosen software can handle compliance for organisations that may have the need for a longer retention periods such as medical or legal organisations.
We recommend that every business have at least one full weekly copy of their data held offsite – a fire or theft cannot be scheduled for when it might be convenient – and you do not want your business to stop if the worst does happen.
It the solution secure?
Yes, very. Asigra encrypts the data before it transmits it over the Internet to the Datacentre, whilst is is held on disk in the DC or locally as well as when it is restored. Each client has their own secure encypted key. Without the digital key the data cannot be accessed.
Backup Modules
Our backup products are all based on the Enterprise product suite offered by Asigra. Asigra is used widely amongst 550,000 sites – large global organisations such as those in industries such as Financial, Government, Health and Educational.

Multiline can rollout the Asigra backup product to cover your physical and virtual Servers as well as endpoint devices such as desktops, laptops and handheld devices. It is important to note that the protection of your offsite mobile devices can at times be as critical as your servers. Most executive staff function solely from their mobile units; and that data is likely sensitive, time critical and in a lot of cases saved to the local device and not backed up.

Platforms covered are – Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS.
Have a look for yourself
We offer small to medium business 3 main ‘off the shelf’ solutions (with larger Enterprise solutions built to order) – options are linked to the size of data you need to backup and where you may need to restore from. We are able to modify the solution as your needs grow.
For larger plans we offer an onsite local appliance which will house your backups locally and synchronise with the offsite location. There are no backup Agents to install – just a total Backup and Restore solution.
Want to know more? Give us a call for a quick no obligation run through.
Quota (GB)50100200Disk space included
Secure StorageYesYesYesEncrypted onsite then transferred to the cloud
Customised ScheduleYesYesYesCustomise your Backup times
Onsite ApplianceyesyesOnsite backup appliance for fast online restore
Offsite DR ReplicationyesyesyesBackups synchronised to datacentre
Unlimited ClientsyesyesyesInstall as many clients as required
Daily Backup ReportyesyesyesEmailed to required staff
Servers in AustraliayesyesyesOur servers are in WA and NSW
Agent Free SolutionyesyesyesNo agents to be installed – anywhere
Premium SupportyesyesyesUnlimited Phone/Remote Support
Free SetupyesyesyesFree setup of all software clients
No lock in contractsyesyesyesPay by the month
Offline RestoreyesyesyesRestore without an Internet connection*
Monthly$150$240$460Paid Monthly in Advance
Additional Storage$2$2$2Price Per GB. Additional Storage held in nearest Datacentre.
Setup Fee$349$349Setup of onsite device
Datacentre DRCall UsMirrored data stored in either East or West coast DC
Additional ApplianceCall UsSecond Appliance – interstate/international

* If connected to the Local Area Network.

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