Business ADSL

Get Business grade Internet connectivity with the right tools and support to back it up.
Simplicity – Get Broadband, local calls, Mobile calls, STD calls, line rental and a data service from one provider.
  • ADSL / ADSL2 works via your normal phone line – You can use the telephone (or fax) and also use the Internet at the same time -save on line costs
  • Save on Call costs – by using existing telephone lines there is no need to install another line. You save further by using one line for both your voice/fax and data services. Multiline offers your business competitive call rates and savings – see our CipTEL (VoIP) page for more information
  • A Network that you can rely on – Have peace of mind by dealing with a Tier 1 Grade Network that is technically advanced with Cisco & HP enterprise equipment and fully supported
  • No hidden charges – At Multiline we are upfront, clear, simple, and competitive with pricing. There are no hidden maintenance, support, or hardware charges
  • Dedicated Business support – At Multiline we are committed to providing high service levels ensuring we use upstream service providers that are on call 24/7. And by using advanced systems that proactively monitor the network; we ensure that you can get on with doing business!
  • Flexible Data Packages – Data is not just Internet access. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) can also be used in conjunction with your ADSL connection. You can now be connected to the office when you’re not physically there!
*Theoretical maximum connection speeds are 24Mbit/s downstream and 1.4Mbit/s upstream. Depending on how close you are to the exchange speeds can vary. For example the average speed at 3km would be 5-6Mbit.
If you are after even faster or a more specialist Internet connection then please visit our Ethernet or Fibre service pages.


We offer the following plans for Small and Medium business. If you need a Specialist plan or Enterprise Level management and support please see our Enterprise section or contact us, we are happy to build a custom network designs to your specifications. Faster speeds are achievable through our Ethernet and Fibre plans.
  • Prices include GST
  • Plans may be changed up and down during the agreement period – invoicing of the new plan begins from the first of the month
Download Quota (GB)
The download amount included
Email Accounts (Free)
Standard POP/IMAP
Onsite Installation
Metro Areas only
Free Cisco SMB Modem
Only on 24 month plans
Modem Setup
We setup and post your modem
Premium Internet Support
Phone/Remote Support – all areas*
Free Domain Name & Setup
.com, .net, or***
Hosted Email Upgrade
Zimbra Hosted Email Included
Free Website Hosting 1GB
Includes CPanel, MySQL, PHP
Static IP
Allowing easy Remote Access
Paid Monthly in Advance
Setup / Churn Fee
$99 / $0
$99 / $0
$99 / $0
Free on 24 month plans*Move to us for FreeFree to existing clients**
Cisco 887 Router
Business Grade Cisco Router Configured and provided
Cisco SMB Router
With ADSL Failover and Wireless – Configured

* Resolution over the phone where possible and Internet when available

** Existing Multiline clients on ADSL Plans

*** Includes first two years of registration and setup only


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