CIPTel Voice

CIPTel Voice

At Multiline we own and host our own VoIP infrastructure. We currently manage VoIP installations that vary from two handsets to over two hundred. Intrastate and/or Interstate; however your business decides to communicate, we have the know-how and infrastructure to provision and support it. This means when you call us:
  • We provision your services on Enterprise grade back end systems
  • We only recommend handsets and technology that we know works
  • We provide the support your business – not a 3rd party
As hardware and software technology moves forward we are always looking at ways to provision services with more feature sets. We utilise this technology ourselves first, iron out the bugs then make it available to our clients.

Why you should consider VoIP? – Cost savings and mobility

The two simplest reasons that make a huge difference to how and when you communicate. VoIP as a technology is already mainstream with many organisations implementing large VoIP infrastructure into their production systems.

Using VoIP not only saves you time but the benefits of running VoIP can save thousands of dollars per year. If your organisation communicates regularly with international clients or even at a national level the money saved can be put back into your technology budget to improve other areas or implement other projects. Calls between VoIP enabled offices are free and international calls start from as little as 10c per minute.

How? Three simple steps

We make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of IP Telephony (VoIP) with 3 simple steps.

Step 1.
You decide which Phone and Fax services you would like to port across to VoIP and how many VoIP handsets you will require. You may also decide to choose what services you would like to have enabled on your new IP Telephony system.

Step 2.
If you need to bring across your existing number, you will need to fill out the Port Authority Form and fax it to us. If you would like a new number or a new number range you can skip this step. If you already have VoIP capable handsets you can use them or we can provide you with a quote for handsets. We cannot port numbers that are within a number range.

Step 3.
We will provide you with your new number straight away and your service will be ready for use. If porting across your old number, a temporary number until your number is ported across to VoIP. You clients will not notice any difference in your phone service apart from your calls initially coming from a Private number. Once your original number is ported across it will appear once again on their caller ID.

What features are available and how much does it cost?

Multiline makes it easy for your business to experience what so many others are already experiencing – IP Telephony. With the use of our State based infrastructure we are able to control your IP Telephony environment in real time. If you require a change performed or are having an issue, we can respond quickly to provision or resolve problems – in certain cases whilst we have you on the phone with our technicans.

We offer complete VoIP Service Management – not just a resale of another companies products.

Below is a basic table of what services are involved with converting your existing Telephone system to IP Telephony as well as what options and features can be enabled for use. Our packages include all services – we do not make them an expensive add on feature once you have already signed up.

Prices exclude GST. You must select how many handsets you require and add this to the initial setup price along with any other options you select.

Inbound lines – Outbound not counted
Bring your own or have new one/s provided
Fax Services
Fax to PDF via Email if you have a Fax number
Line Hunt Groups
Have calls flow to handsets as you require
Voicemail to Email
Receive your voicemail in your Email Inbox
Call Managment
Manage call forwarding & Answering services
Number Port
Per number. Porting your number to the digital network – one off fee
Setup Per Handset
One off setup fee per handset
Line Hunt Setup
One off setup fee per group
Line Hunt Group
Included free with service
Phone Extension
Per handset per month. Includes line / number / license
Fax To Email Service
Per Fax Number per month
100 Number Range
Per Month. Numbers can be allocated to Fax or Direct Indials
Internet Modem Configuration
Applicable If separate router / line ordered
Additional Handset Ext
Per Month. Incl. Line/ Number/ License – Handset additional
IP 331 Handset
2 line General / Basic High Definition handset with PSU
IP 550 Handset
4 line Managers High Definition handset with PSU
VVX 500 Handset
12 line hires Colour handset with PSU
IP 650 Reception
6 Line capable Reception Handset
Conference Unit
High Definition Polycom IP 6000 with PoE
Note: For sites using 8 or more handsets, a dedicated ADSL2 Internet connection for the VoIP system will be required. This is to ensure the call quality remains as high as possible. We highly recommend the use of Cisco equipment to ensure quality and uptime of your services. We recommend you don’t share the line with other services such as fax or a monitored alarm system. For best performance or more than 15 handsets consider an Ethernet connection.

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