What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a similar product to ADSL2 when delivered over traditional phone lines, however it can be delivered by Fibre if available in your particular area
  • Ethernet over Copper (EoC) is most commonly available in areas where the phone exchange is enabled for this technology. Exchange locations are expanding daily with this service and most metropolitan areas are serviced.
  • Ethernet over Fibre provides a substantial quality difference but its availability is limited to where Fibre is available and the access price is typically higher
Ethernet connections offer a synchronous connection speed – meaning the same speed for uploads and downloads is achieved. This allows your site to utilise the link more effectively when allowing incoming connections from remote offsite users (such as Home users or ‘On the road’ Sales staff) as well as faster upload speeds for sending data such as email, files or WAN sharing between national offices. This is a dedicated business grade service and as such has a faster level of fault restoration as well as no other users on the line.
Our Ethernet products are provisioned using a 1:1 contention ratio meaning you are not sharing the line with any other users. It is a dedicated line for your site. The committed rate of information transfer is whatever the speed your lines are able to achieve.

Why use Ethernet?

Ethernet connectivity is a reliable yet cost effective method to allowing connectivity between your site and a hosted server in a Data Centre or Multi-Point connection where one or more sites can be interlinked. Some common uses our clients use Ethernet for are:
  • Head Office to Data Centre Terminal Servers and VPN connections
  • Satellite Office to Head Office Terminal Servers and VPN connections
  • Head Office to Data Centre Offsite Backup services
  • Large file transfer business requirements such as Media or Print houses
  • Offsite staff accessing information from Head Office
  • Offsite staff accessing information from Head Office
  • Co-location of client servers in-house
  • Access to Cloud Services to their clients

Unlimited WAN data transfers

Every Ethernet service we provide comes with unlimited WAN traffic. This is quite handy when you host a physical server in a DC and want to access data via the WAN link or replicate (backup) data offsite after hours – the choice is yours.

Speeds ranging from 5mbps to 1GBps

Ethernet over coppers (EoC) speed is influenced heavily by the distance of your site to the exchange. Our copper-based services (over copper phone lines) are stated as ‘up to’ X Mbit. They do not constitute the exact speed or speeds above but rather the line is allowed to run to its maximum speed – we do not rate limit our services.

We will always advise what the approximate speed will be to your site and ensure you get as close to if not over your required connection speed if possible. If your site is over 3Klms to the Exchange you will require a 4 pair service to achieve speeds over 5Mbit. Our fastest EoC speed is 20Mbit over a 4 pair service- then the service is provided over fibre. 20Mbit speeds are achievable if the site is less than 1klm to the local exchange after that the speeds drop off to their minimum speeds at 4klm.
Ethernet over Fibre is a similar product that is not hapmered by coppers range. Fibre will need to be present in the area or be run for your requirements.


Installation costs outlined here are for the initial setup and the equipment needed to access the service under the assumption that there are sufficient lines and access available. If required to, you may select a cabling contractor of your choice or we can assist in locating one to perform any additional required cabling; be aware of this as you may need to factor this into your purchase.
Unlimited Support and change requests are provided and repairs are covered by the monthly fee as are any changes required to your onsite Router. Install timeframes are typically between 20 – 30 business days.
For larger data plans and faster connection speeds please contact us. EoC prices are shown below.
Download Quota (GB)
Traffic (download quota) included!
Pairs (each line is a pair)
Copper Pairs in Circuit
Onsite Installation
Metro Areas only
Cisco Ethernet Modem
Included in Setup Fee
Modem Setup
Configured to your specifications
Premium Internet Support
Phone/Remote Support – all areas*
Free Domain Name & Setup
.com, .net, or***
Hosted Email Upgrade
Zimbra Hosted Email Included
Free Website Hosting 1GB
Includes CPanel, MySQL, PHP
Static IP
Allowing easy Remote Access
Paid Monthly in Advance
Setup Fee
Includes all equipment for service to run. A Cisco Router / NTU / Cabling to the MDF and your comms room is all supplied.^ (Free on 24 mth)
Cisco 888 Router
With ADSL Failover – Configured
Cisco 888W Router
With ADSL Failover and Wireless – Configured
ADSL Failover Link
Redundant ADSL2 Link – 100GB Included**
* Resolution over the phone where possible and Internet when available ** Only available to Ethernet Circuit clients *** Includes first two years of registration and setup only ! Excess charged at $1.25 per GB ^ Installation does not include additional cabling to the building from the street due to the lack thereof or any other unforeseen required installation requirements.

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