Fax to Email​

CIPTel Fax to Email

If you ever wanted to receive your fax’s anywhere you are we have a solution, CIPTel Fax to Email.
Below is a basic table of what services are involved with converting your existing Telephone system to IP Telephony as well as what options and features can be enabled for use. Our packages include all services – we do not make them an expensive feature once you have already signed up.
Item Standard Volume High Volume Description
Lines 1 3 Inbound lines – Outbound not counted
Numbers 1 3 100 is a 100 Number Range with Direct Indial
Fax Services yes yes Fax to PDF – Delivery via Email
Monthly Access $15 $30 Paid Monthly in advance – No calls included
Quarterly Access $250 $300 Paid Quaterly in Advance – No calls included