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Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server is a synchronised messaging and collaborative Server / Client software product developed by Microsoft.
As part of the Microsoft line of Server products, Microsoft Exchange is widely regarded as the de-facto messaging system used by Enterprise and SMB organisations – maily due to it’s feature rich set of tools and integration with other Microsoft products and technologies. The technologies major features consist of synchronised Electronic Mail, Calendaring, Contacts, Tasks, support for mobile and web-based information and support for data storage. All items within MS Exchange can be shared and differing levels of security can be implemented as required.
The client and server are always in synchronised communication with each other ensuring that any changes the client makes are mirrored on the server and vis-versa. This becomes invaluable when mobile staff need access to information and need the ability to send information that will be accurately recorded back to their desktop PC or laptop – sent email items and new calendar appointments for other staff are prime examples.

So what is Hosted Exchange and why would I need it?

Hosted Exchange replaces your old and archaic POP/IMAP email system and replaces it with an advanced and feature rich Email and colaboration system at a Small Business price.
With a few minor configuration changes you can continue to use your current MS Outlook software and also incorporate (if not already) most PDA Smart phones / handheld devices. Support for MS Exchange and IMAP synchronisation is an Industry Standard now with most business oriented mobile handset devices.
Typical installations of MS Exchange Server are installed onsite at the customer’s premises. The server receives email and ‘pushes’ the email out to the Microsoft Outlook computer clients (which also include PDA’s and Handheld devices). The issue with Exchange until recently was that an organisation required a significant monetary outlay and IT resources to maintain the MS Exchange software and hardware thus making it unrealistic for most small sized organisations to implement.
Hosted Exchange no longer relies on your organisation providing any of the above . We provide the Software, Server and IT Resources. Your mail is delivered as your existing POP or IMAP service would but with all the features MS Exchange provides – out of the box.
The main benefits of using hosted Exchange are: No need to outlay in hardware or software to have a high quality, secure and reliable Email service Your mail will pass through secure and up to date Antivirus, AntiSpam, Anti-Phishing and Anti Malware filters. This ensures your mail delivery is clean and free from undesirable email or unwanted and harmful attachments and scripts Email features normally reserved for large organisations with their own Exchange servers are now available to you at the fraction of the cost of a typical Server implementation. Features such as Shared Calendars, Group Mailbox’s, Public Folders, Shared Mailbox’s, Shared Contacts, Recoverable Deleted items, Feature Rich WebMail are all available Your Exchange service environment is monitored and maintained by Certified Microsoft Experts who are able to restore and recover services should there be any issues Your mailbox is secure and only you have access to your account – ensuring security and privacy Fast and easy scalability. You define your requirements and pay only for what you use month by month. If your business requires more or less mailbox storage space or more or less accounts we can easily provision that for you
Monthly Fee (per mailbox)
Mailbox size
Sync Email Calendar & Contacts
Push Email – Real time
Outlook Web App (Webmail)
Mac Compatible
MS Activesync
Cloud Filestore 1GB
Resource Mailbox
Yes (1)
Apple iOS & Android
BlackBerry Support
Remote Device Management
Yes (200MB)
Public Folder Mailbox
Yes (1)
Active Directory Sync
Note: Please contact us if you need more than 20 Email accounts as further discounts apply.

All Mail Plans Include

No Contract
Bring your own Doman name
Business Support in Australia
Complex Password Policy
30MB Outgoing Message Size
Self-Management Option
Distribution Lists
Easy Migration Tools from other mail services
Antivirus & Antispam
Alias & Email forwarding
Full mailbox Indexing
SSL / TLS Secure mail feature-set

Optional Features

Monthly Fee
Lync Standard IM, Presence, Group Chat)
Lync Enterprise (Audio, Video, Web, Sharing)
Public Folders
Resource mailbox

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