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A business needs a domain name as much as it needs a trading name. If you would like your business communicate a professional tone then you need to have a relevant domain name and associated Email accounts and Website.
If you have a domain name already in mind you can search for its availability. We can aid you in selecting a domain name that is sensible and relevant and when you buy a domain name from us we manage the domain renewal, hosting settings and DNS settings for you.
Domain Names are of crucial importance on the internet, for a couple of reasons:
  • If you are a business your domain name represents who you are, just as your business name does. Your email should be (or /, and if you operate internationally you should also have the relevant .com and .net equivalent of your Australian domain name
  • A domain name will enable you to have a single email address that does not change regardless of if you change Internet Service Provider (ISP)
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Domain Names are of crucial importance on the internet, for a couple of reasons:

When you purchase a domain from us we will manage the name server delegation for you as part of the service. A DNS hosting account is required as a minimum for us to maintain your domains DNS records. We will manage your DNS changes for you, this can include changing your mail server addresses, web records, vpn records, SPF, PTR(rDNS) as well as any other Zone configurations you may require. If you are a cPanel hosting customer you may request to have the domain directly delegated to the server hosting your account, this will provide you with the freedom to manage your own zone records. NOTE: A Transfer of Legal Ownership (TLO) for an AU domain name will attract a fee of $120, this includes the fee for the mandatory 24 month renewal.