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What is Web Hosting?

When an organisation develops a website, it needs somewhere to store the site so that it is permanently available on the Internet. Web hosting simply means storing your website on a server located with us – we then “host your website”.

Why use Web Hosting?

Since a company’s website is one of its public faces, it is vital that the website reliably delivers its information quickly every time. We provide hosting based in Australia using vmWare on HP Servers at GlobalSwitch Sydney, a high-availability Data Center connected at the very hub of Australian Digital commerce.

For most small businesses, acquiring and maintaining the infrastructure and staff required to do this reliably on a 24 x 7 basis is far too expensive, time consuming, and difficult. As such, most businesses choose to host their website with a company that specialises in web hosting and cloud services … like Multiline

What hardware do we use to host your website?

We use the same quality Enterprise grade hardware types for our shared hosting as all our other services. Our servers are HP Proliant, our SAN systems are HP and our Cisco equipment covers our networking services. It is important to note that if you have specific hosting requirements that cannot be met under our shared platform we can arrange a dedicated hosting account for you. We do not use older SATA based storage devices on any server or SAN, we only use the best quality components for speed and reliability.

Where would my website be hosted?

All of our current shared hosting products are hosted in Global Switch Sydney.

Ok, I'd like to bring my website and email over can you assist?

Yes, please provide the details of your current hosting account, including FTP username and password, Administration panel URL, Username and Password if applicable. This data was probably provided to you when you initially signed up with your current hosting provider, otherwise just ask them to send the details over to you. Also provide a list of email addresses and any routing information that needs to be observed such as email aliases or email forwards.

Hosting Pricing

Pricing includes GST. Web Hosting Packages can normally be setup same day.


  • Top Level Domain Hosting
  • Additional hostnames with same domain name i.e.
  • Extra domains pointing to your website
  • POP and IMAP only
  • Quota allocated to Web Traffic
  • Space allocated including email

* details updated 16th December 2013

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