Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

The Big Picture. Some IT organisations fail to see what a business is trying to achieve. Running off on tangents, suggesting solutions and products that are overkill or worse, underperforming ones.
Industry experience and working with both small business where budgets are tight as well as large corporate organisations has allowed us to achieve an enviable trait – the ability to provide a cost effective solution that works well the first time.

What we do for you

  • Provide the infrastructure to enable you to respond to market dynamics faster and with confidence
  • Deliver secure and feature-rich solutions with maximum flexibility
  • Provide concise and detailed solutions with work plans
  • Deliver more ‘Bang for Buck’ through virtualization
  • Help avoid business loss by quickly restoring services to a ‘business as usual’ state by tried and tested business process’s

Managed Servers

Multiline utilises Tier 1 Enterprise grade hardware to ensure the high level of availability for Server services. Virtualised environments are fast becoming the preferred solution for many organisations. The benefits of running servers in a virtualised environment are well documented. More and more organisations are moving more and more of their services into the cloud – as services become more affordable and the demand for uptime and fast response to online resources increase, companies are finding that the internal resources of their IT departments cannot keep up with the demand. The old ‘one-server’ model is fast becoming out of date.

Some advantages of virtualisation are:
  • Quick Server deployment
  • Streamlined Management and Maintenance
  • Ultra fast start-up/shutdown times
  • Greatly reduced software licensing strategies
  • Greater, more flexible hardware resource usage at all times

Managed Workstations

Multiline works with its customers to deliver a desktop management and support solution that not only meets requirements but also works within budgets constraints. Desktop management can occur via remote support or on-site. Remote support can be provided whilst contacting the Multiline Service Desk and if need be an On-Site visit can be arranged if need be.

Thin clients – Virtualised and In-house workstations

Thin client technology has recently truly come of age – with better Remote Desktop technology now in v6 the user experience is comparable to a local machine without the admin and security headaches.
Current thin client technology offers Enterprise business the following advantages:
  • Low cost assets mean low cap expenditure
  • Improved CPU / GPU technology together with faster Bandwidth has improved User experience and productivity
  • Easily track software licensing and hardware assets
  • Mobility and security – clients can be locked down
  • Easily replaceable client hardware plus no moving parts
  • Total Systems management of client environment from one centralised point
  • Available in desktop or laptop format

Thin clients – Virtualised and In-house workstations

Multiline understands the importance your Business Applications have within your environment. Our Network Engineers and Technical Support team’s focus is to ensure your Server infrastructure uptime.
Powered by NAble, our Eagle EYE servers are able to constantly monitor and maintain fundamental functions of your Onsite, Co-located and Hosted Servers. Using Eagle EYE we can ensure they won’t miss a beat and should any system issues arise within your network or infrastructure, Eagle EYE will immediately advise us so we can promptly repair and ensure your uptime.
Key monitoring values such as Active Directory, CPU/RAM/Disk Usage, Disk Queue Length, Software License Compliance, Backup Services, Exchange Services, HTTP, SMTP and SQL Services are all kept closely monitored on a minute by minute basis. We also enable the service for Asset Management and Inventory Management.
With Eagle-EYE we can offer a broad range of 24×7 self-service support and technical assistance options to ensure we can respond and resolve with speed. Key elements of our support offerings include:
  • 24×7 Web-based self-service support, including our searchable knowledge base, case logging and product documentation
  • Product deployment assistance from our Solutions Architects
  • Round-the-clock live technical assistance for critical server outages
  • Daily Health Checks of your servers
All Multiline customers who are on SLA agreements have their servers monitored by our NAble powered Eagle Eye Suite of products.
Windows and non-Windows systems as well as / Distribute software, apply patches, execute scripts and transfer files – all done remotely and seamlessly.

Network Monitoring

Any network engineer worth their salt knows that tracking what and who is on your network as well as what they are doing is the core of ensuring uptime. Our Fault and Performance monitoring solutions utilise the strength of Industry Standard software such as Solarwinds and NAble Product engines to ensure you get the right statistics.
  • Remotely manage network devices with lightning-fast remote control
  • Auto-discover network infrastructure and vital systems information in minutes

Traffic Monitoring

Something as simple as a user uploading a large amount of data to a remote server can saturate a link and cause all sorts of havoc on your Network. Performance monitoring ensures your network is operating at it’s most efficient making the most of your outlay in capital infratructure. With our monitoring solutions we can quickly detect which devices are perfomring as intended and those that are causing issues we can then advise you accordingly to prevent or minimise the issue.


We provision Network Security solutions that range from basic measures to detailed, tailored solutions. We use and recommend Cisco based solutions to ensure service, reliability and support is always at hand.

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