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Multiple offices need to be connected in more ways than one

Having a head office doesn’t mean all services must terminate there, in fact a single point of failure might not be the best idea. A solution whereby redundancy is put in place is the most optimal solution.
How does a business go about this and what does it all mean ?
Having all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. That information a business contains is quite valuable but how does a business protect it? One of the first questions a business owner should ask is ‘where is the data being held and in a worse case scenario, how can we recover or access that information?’. This is where Multiline can assist
By utilising our high speed network we can connect all your sites together and have data backed up and replicated to local storage devices at each site – so should one site be incapacitated by fire, flood or theft your staff can move to another site and continue to work as per normal until the damaged site is recovered. Get them to bring their own chairs though. At worst you can have the server recovered to a new or temporary server and then have the data recovered quickly over the Internet.

VPN Tunnels

A VPN Tunnel is a secure link between more than one site. By utlising a VPN Tunnel all the traffic between the two or more sites is secured by way of multi layered protection including Encrypted data and . The two sites are also securely link by way of setting other configurations such as

The mobile workforce – Mobile VPN

Our mobile Internet and IP Telephony solutions mean your staff can take their data everywhere. Our own staff themselves are mobile so we know what works well and what becomes more trouble than it’s worth. Secure and fast Remote VPN connections are available to the mobile workforce in a simple to use solution.
By using our mobile solutions your staff no longer have to wait to check email or get online and productive.Accessing the company data while on the road doesn’t need to be difficult. Syncronise your documents, review and send emails via your full size Email client rather than your minature phone. Add to this our Hosted email Email services and they don’t need an office. Should your staff spend set amounts of time in multiple locations they can also take their desk handset with them. As long as a broadband Internet connection is available the staff member can still be contacted on their own handset via their normal extension as if they were in the office. Yes – the staff members extension follows with the phone – anywhere they have a broadband Internet connection.

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