Protecting your data

Data Protection

How important is your company data ? Most business owners and managers would say very. Without it you don’t really have a business..

So why do so few people take daily or weekly backups of their laptops and workstations? The server is backed up but can you guarantee the desktops and laptops are – typically not. Does any information reside on these – yes – some staff have an incurable habit whereby they must save files to the desktop as working from the server can be at times slow – unfortunately these staff members tend to be executives with very important and sensitive data on their notebooks.

Most people are either not aware of the implications of a failed laptop hard disk or believe that the data is somehow backed up over the Internet when they connect via their VPN. This isn’t the case.

This is where we can make your backups happen in a manner that is unobtrusive and only requires an Internet connection to make it all happen.

Feature Server Desktop & Laptop
Pay per GB block
with unlimited nodes
yes yes
No Data limit yes yes
Existing Internet link can be used to transfer data outside business hours yes yes
Fast easy recovery of
data by administrators
yes yes
Back up to either East or
West coast DC facilities
yes yes
WAN Replication to DR site yes yes
Integrates to SNMP Monitoring
and notification systems
yes yes
Windows, Linux and Mac yes yes
Backed up during idle machine
time or outside business hours
yes yes
Fast easy backup and recovery
by user via simple GUI
yes yes
De-duplication and compression
means less WAN use
yes yes
Automated backup process yes yes
No Agents to install yes yes