Server Virtualisation

Server Virtualisation Solutions

From one file server to a server farm replicated across Australia for Disaster Recovery purposes – the cloud doesn’t have to be a black box that is out of sight and no-one knows about.

We have solutions that are either Client Managed or Fully Managed by ourselves.

Virtual computing has dramatically transformed the way that IT departments and organisations work. Instead of an organisation requiring one server per resource hungry application or department, they can now have as many servers as the physical hardware resources will allow.

Although virtual computing has been in use in mainframe computers since the 1960’s; it has until the late 1990’s been a specialised technology. According to market research company IDC, a typical x86 processor server will achieve a utilisation rate of only 10% to 15% total capacity. Because of this a host server can host many virtual servers concurrently without any real performance loss. Each virtual machine contains its own complete Operating System and behaves just as a normal machine would.

Virtualisation works by the Virtualised Operating system inserting a layer of software directly onto the physical host hardware (or Host Operating system). The layer installed contains a Virtual Machine console (Hypervisor) that allocates hardware resources both transparently and dynamically to the virtual machines created on it. By doing this multiple Operating systems can run concurrently on a single host, regardless of if it is a single or Multi CPU host. Because the virtual host has access to all the hardware resources it would normally require it is totally compatible with all x86 standard Operating systems, applications, utilities and device drivers. Each computer can have a different configuration and each is independent of each other

Virtualised computing now enables organisations to easily utilise the full potential of the infrastructure they lease from their host or own.

Virtualised computing now enables organisations to easily utilise the full potential of the infrastructure they lease from their host or own.

Virtualised computing offers:

  • Reduction in capital costs by reducing the amount of hardware purchased; in turn reducing the administration costs and also power consumption. Green computing!
  • The facility to deploy and manage the rollout of clone images of single or clustered servers quickly and effectively with built in disk imaging technology
  • The reduction in rack space, storage space, cooling and power requirements (including UPS) – one high performance VM host can potentially replace thirty or forty physical servers.
  • Ability to host multiple Operating systems and Applications in development, production and Legacy environments; all on the one physical piece of hardware. Run Linux, Windows and Unix
  • Create Disaster Recovery solutions easily and effectively by the use of multiple virtualised clusters
Windows Server OS2008R22008R22008R2/SQL20102011 SBS Std
User LicensesN/A52025
SAS Disk Storage50GB100GB150GB150GB
vCPU / Core1 / Dual2 / Dual2 / Quad2 / Quad
Minimum Term2 Months2 Months6 months12 Months
Monitored & Managedyesyesyesyes
Public Static IP’s5555
Managed FirewallyesOptOptOpt
Quarterly – Save 10%$1382$2000$2527$4181
All Managed Servers Feature
Premium Support SLAyesPhone/Remote Support* SLA
Managed Nightly Backups Includedyes5 Day retention period on snapshots
Free Traffic eligibleyesFree traffic if you’re on a Multiline Internet link
Monthly ReportsyesMonthly Server health reports
High Availability EnvironmentyesVMware Protected Server Environment
Custom Upgrade Options
Additional CPU$XXXPer vCPU (no CPU core upgrades). Licensing may be affected by this.
Additional Storage$XXXPer 40Gb Increments
Additional RAM$XXXPer 2Gb Increments
Managed Firewall$XXXHosted Managed Firewall